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Investments & Insurance
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Formerly Acme Mortgage Professionals

Verico ACME Mortgage Professionals has announced it will be moving to a new location (94 Elizabeth Avenue) under a new name this month: Premiere Mortgages under the Verico banner – Canada’s number one mortgage network.

While the name will change, many of the things you knew and loved about ACME will stay the same, including our phone number (738-2263) and the cell phone numbers of our mortgage specialists:

Cheryl Stoyles-Sellars
Phone: (709) 746-9734

Danielle Andrews
Phone: (709) 765-5519

Carolann Bishop
Phone: (709) 727-2657

Chris Stirling
Phone: (709) 691-3141

Frank Bruce
Phone: (709) 437-1824

Jerry Jackman
Phone: (709) 725-2253

Michael Lucas
Phone: (709) 727-8635

Corrine Whalen
Phone: (709) 738-2263

Mark Norman
Phone: (709) 743-3939

ACME Consulting

P.O. Box 1931
St. John’s, NL A1C 5R4
Phone: (709) 746-0808
Fax: (709) 754-1925

Shane Bruce, AMP

Shane Bruce is a dynamic, award-winning, 20-year veteran of the St. John’s real estate market.

In 1997, Bruce launched ACME Financial which funded more than $1 billion worth of mortgages during his time at the helm. He then founded a financial services company which housed investment and insurance advisors in Atlantic Canada who managed $400 million in investments. Bruce eventually created ACME Consulting before selling the ACME Mortgage brand to Premiere Mortgages and the investment company to his partners in May, 2017.
An Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) since 1988, Bruce was a rising star in the banking sector for 10 years before forming the ACME Group of Companies.

Along the way, Bruce has won a plethora of awards including:

  • Top 50 CEO – Atlantic Business Magazine (2016)
  • Best Marketing Effort of the Year – Canadian Mortgage Awards/Canadian Mortgage Professionals Magazine (2016)
  • Marketer of the Year – Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (2015)
  • Corporate Excellence Award – Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (2011)
  • Sales Manager of the Year (Coldwell Banker Hanlon) – Canadian Professional Sales Association (2007).

As President and Chief Operating Officer at Hanlon Realty, Bruce will oversee all aspects of day-to-day operations, including the current management/administrative team. Specifically, Bruce will manage training, marketing, technology, social media/communications, community relations, recruitment, finance, growth, mortgages and when times permits, he’ll double as chief cook and bottle washer.

A long-time supporter of the School Lunch Association, when he’s not punching the clock Bruce enjoys cooking and travelling to exotic locales.